About Haidar Technology

Haidar Technology was first established in 2007 and we have grown to become a leading global manufacturer and supplier for easy to use industrial control products. Our company is located at Dublin, Ohio, USA.

What We Focus On?

Our company focuses entirely on providing cost effective, easily integrated, and innovative solutions for OEMs. We design and manufacture custom and standard Modules for all sorts of applications including Graphical User Interface (GUI) embedded control, Motor/Motion control, Communication, Distributed I/O, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Signal conditioning, and Data Acquisition.
Our company objective is to fully understand all our customers' requirements and to provide them with perfect services and technologies they need to achieve their commercial objectives and to optimize their performance in a challenging technological environment.

Target customers

Our customers are developers of embedded systems products that incorporate a graphic user interface. Key markets include medical devices, industrial controls, industrial and home automation, consumer electronics, white goods, test & measurement.