uiLAB - Visual Embedded GUI Design Software

Build a SmartPhone-Like GUI faster, with drag-and-drop simplicity, using Haidar Technology uiLab Visual GUI Builder

GUI design and development made easy

- Build a user-centric GUI instead of an  engineering-centric one.                   
Avoid costly product changes late in the development cycle.
Use drag-and-drop simplicity.

An upfront GUI

Get input from designers, engineers, and usability experts in the earliest stages of development.

Codeless development
Build and test graphics visually in real-time, without application code, third-party libraries, or recompilation.

Prototype to product
Quickly create a complete, working, user-centric interface without impacting the product development schedule
         Embedded GUI Design Software


  • No license! No production fees! No third party library!
  • FREE full version download (Not a Demo!) 
  • True WYS|WYG visual GUI tool 
  • Simple drag-and-drop GUI tool 
  • Full support for SegeNT
  • Anti-aliasing Font support.
  • Support for 3 graphic layers
  • Up to 64 forms per project
  • Up to 64 object for each form
  • Compile the whole project into a Hex file
  • Utility to program the GUI project through the serial interface
  • Alignment Tools (Left, Right, Top, Bottom or Center) 
  • Select box (move the selected objects at the same time)
  • Snap to Grid tool Move and Resize Tools 
  • Powerful predefined set of objects
  • Real time object properties simulation
  • Font converter utility
  • Generate project report 
  • Copy and Paste tools  
  • Export screen as a bitmap 
  • Terminal commands utility TouchScreen, Backlight, Digital I/O, PWM, Analog Inputs, Beep utilities 
  • PC Playback allows the user to view and interact with the production-ready GUI in the native resolution on the PC before programming the LCD. Easy compile feature allows the embedded designer to view the GUI design, at any stage of development, on the LCD module in minutes. This process virtually eliminates the simulation phase that is standard in other products.

System requirements

- Intel Pentium or compatible processor
High resolution 17” LCD monitor or higher
Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
512 MB RAM or higher
- USB or RS232 Port