Haidar's Embedded GUI starter/Evaluation kits include everything you need to start designing great looking and intuitive embedded GUI fast and easy!

*FREE SHIPPING (UPS 2nd Day Air) to the lower 48 states on any starter kit order*

Evaluation Kit include:

- SegeNT GUI Controller Board
- SNT-EVL-D Evaluation Board
- 5VDC Power Supply 
- USB Cable
- 1W Speaker
Starter Kit include:

- Embedded Display Module (SNT-xxxx-xx)
- EVL-CL4 board (Optional EVL-CL4-H board)
- 5VDC Power Supply
- USB Cable
- 16pin Flat Cable
- 1W Speaker  

Ordering Information:

Part Number                  Description 


EVK-SegeNT Evaluation Kit for SegeNT  $320
STK-SNT-N480272-43-RT  Starter kit for SNT-N480272-43-RT Embedded Display Module  $320
STK-SNT-N480272-43-CT  Starter kit for SNT-N480272-43-CT Embedded Display Module  $340
STK-SNT-N800480-50-RT  Starter kit for SNT-N800480-50-RT Embedded Display Module  $340
STK-SNT-N800480-50-CT  Starter kit for SNT-N800480-50-CT Embedded Display Module   $360
STK-SNT-N800480-70-RT  Starter kit for SNT-N800480-70-RT Embedded Display Module  $380
 Starter kit for SNT-N800480-70-CT Embedded Display Module
STK-SNT-H640480-57-RT  Starter kit for SNT-H640480-57-RT Embedded Display Module  $420
Starter kit for SNT-E640480-104-RT Embedded Display Module