Haidar's evaluation boards are the easiest and fastest way to evaluate Haidar's Embedded GUI products. Whether you need to test color LCD, or evaluate your embedded GUI in real time, Haidar's GUI evaluation boards can help you achieving that in a very short time!  

SNT-EVL-D  Evaluation Board For SegeNT


  • Ready to use LCD module
  • On board LCD back light driver
  • On board Audio amplifier
  • On board USB to RS232 converter
  • On board +3.3V linear converter
  • Can be powered from external +5V or directly for the USB port
  • Optional VGA output that can be connected to a PC monitor
  • On board Buzzer
  • Generic Display interface through 34-pin header
  • Analog input, Digital IO and PWM outputs are accessible via 34-pin header
  • Prototype Area
Price: $170.0


EVL-CL4 / EVL-CL4-H  Evaluation Boards

EVL-CL4 (Without Host Controller) / EVL-CL4-H (With Host Controller) is the simplest and fastest way to add a feel to your GUI. It is based on Microchip PIC32MX360F512 microcontroller. Both boards are ready to use with any of Haidar's Embedded Display Modules. The micro is already programmed with everything you need to start your evaluation.

                           Embedded GUI EVL Board

Rapid Prototyping
Whether you need to show your marketing team, or preview your future product to customers, EVL-CL4-H can help you deliver a look-and-feel prototype in a very short time!

EVL-CL4_H is based on PIC32MX360F512 running at 80MHZ. It can be programmed using any of Microchip In-Circuit Programmers & Debuggers like MPLAB ICD3. It can be used with any of our color display modules or embedded GUI boards.

The firmware is written in C and is compatible with Microchip MPLAB IDE and PIC32 compiler. The firmware includes: UART, GUI commands, Terminal commands, interrupt driven UI handler, Macros, and sample code for VGADemo_CA32 Project.

Sample GUI
A sample GUI project (VGADemo_CA32.pjt) is also included to show the many powerful features of our GUI objects and how to interact with them in real time.

EVL-CL4 (Without Host Controller) Features
  • On board USB to RS232 converter
  • On board +3.3V linear converter
  • On board Buzzer
  • On board status LEDs
EVL-CL4-H (With Host Controller) Features  
  • On board PIC32MX360F512 Microchip microcontroller (32bit @ 80MHZ)
  • On board Real Time Clock 
  • On board RGB LED
  • On board 4 user buttons
  • On board 4 user digital outputs
  • On board 4 user digital inputs
  • On board 5 user LEDs
  • On board 5 user analog inputs
  • On board 1 user 10K POT
EVL-CL4       : $70.00
EVL-CL4-H  : $120.00