Haidar's GUI Embedded solutions

Haidar Technology Embedded GUI Solutions enable manufacturers and product designers to easily achieve smart and graphic-rich user interface on a new or existing microcontroller based products. The core technology which includes Haidar's Serial-Enabled Graphic Engine (SEGE) runs the entire GUI application including managing the touch screen events. The entire GUI objects including fonts, bitmaps and audio are saved to SEGE flash memory. A Free window's based embedded GUI design software (uiLAB) is used to design the embedded GUI on a screen/window basis, compile, Program and you have the GUI in place!

Haidar's Embedded GUI Solutions are perfect for the embedded market such as industrial, medical, automation, test & measurement and consumer products.

Why use Haidar's GUI Embedded solutions

Haidar's Embedded GUI solutions help partition the GUI development from the rest of the application. It is well known that as GUI project grow, GUI processes burden the host controller by as much of 60% or more. Thus, the developer is forced to use more powerful and costly processor to run the application and the GUI. By partitioning the GUI, the developer still able to use a smaller and less expensive host processor (8-bit) to run the application. 
Two simple steps to fully design your Embedded GUI:
STEP1Design your GUI screens visually using Haidar's Visual GUI Builder "uiLab", compile and program the GUI Controller.
STEP2Your microcontroller (Host) sends serial commands to control, update and response to the user interface.

Embedded GUI Designer Software

Haidar uiLAB is a true WYSWYG GUI design software tool. In comparison to other GUI design tools, uiLAB is FREE, no production fees, very easy to use, no additional coding and no third party libraries. uiLAB drag-and-drop simplicity and rich features, allow marketing and sales people to design the embedded GUI before even the product hardware is ready. The embedded engineers can concentrate on designing the product, in parallel, the GUI designers can focus on making the best user interface experience.

Embedded GUI Controller Boards

Haidar's  SegeNT  embedded GUI Controller provides a Plug-and-Play Graphical User interface solution for embedded systems. it just needs to be attached to a simple display interface board and the human interface is ready for production. 

Haidar's Embedded GUI solution is a combination of Serial- Enabled GUI Engine (Sege) and a
Free WYS|WYG drag-and-drop Visual GUI Design Software “uiLAB” that allows the embedded engineer to design the GUI by dragging the objects onto a simulated screen and then altering their properties. When the designer is happy with the layout, the tool will automatically generate a GUI hex file for the target hardware.

If the layout or some bitmaps need to be redesigned just disconnects the target hardware from the controlling processor (host) and moves it to a serial port of a PC. Program the new code and you have the new user interface in place! Pure visual changes do not require modifications to the host controller code!

Since “SEGE” interacts with the host controller through a serial protocol, integration with a specific processor or platform, RTOS, or compiler is not required. Also, the requirements for the host controller (memory and speed) are significantly less!

SegeNT Hardware Block Diagram

                     Embedded GUI Controller

Multi-Graphic Layers
Up to three graphic layers can be shown on the LCD at the same time. Window1 and Window2 can be viewed or moved without any effect on the main screen graphics (no tearing effect). 

GUI Objects
SegeNT contains a set of pre-defined objects. Each object has a set of properties, methods and events that define the look and the behavior of the object. The host controller interacts with the objects via a set of simple serial commands called "Object Commands". Available objects:
  • Form
  • Button
  • TextBox
  • Shape
  • Image
  • NumberBox
  • PictureBox
  • Slider
  • Chart
  • Radial Gauge
  • BarGraph 
Host Interface
SegeNT can be interfaced to any microcontroller with a built-in UART. As shown in the figure below, only 5 lines are needed to interface SegeNT to your host controller. NotifyHost is used to interrupt the host controller when a touch event has occurred. 

TFT LCD Interface
Any TFT Display can be easily interfaced to SegeNT. As shown in the figure below, TFT display with 18 or 24 RGB digital bus can be directly interfaced to SegeNT.  One board resistive touch controller is used for displays with resistive touch screens. For capacitive touch screens, dedicated I2C bus is used to directly interface SegeNT to displays with capacitive touch screens.


Embedded Touch Screen Display Modules

Haidar's Embedded Touch Screen Display modules are Production ready and Fully integrated Embedded TFT display modules. Haidar's display modules are drop-in solution that allow customers to implement Graphical User Interface with Smart Phones-like graphics and feel at record time to market. Compatible with uiLAB, powered by SegeNT and come with Capacitive or Resistive Touch panel. Haidar's Embedded Display modules are proven to be an effective solution for the growing embedded product manufacturers around the world.
Available Modules:
  • 4.3" WQVGA (480X272) with Resistive Touch Screen
  • 4.3" WQVGA (480X272) with Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 5.0" WVGA (800X480) with Resistive Touch Screen
  • 5.0" WVGA (800X480) with Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 5.7" VGA (640X480) with Resistive Touch Screen
  • 7.0" WVGA (800X480) with Resistive Touch Screen
  • 7.0" WVGA (800X480) with Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 10.4" VGA (640X480) with Resistive Touch Screen