Haidar's  SegeNT  embedded GUI Controller Board provides a Plug-and-Play Graphical User interface solution for embedded systems. it just needs to be attached to a simple display interface board and the human interface is ready for production. 

SegeNT - Embedded GUI Controller Board

      Embedded GUI Controller Board  

Hardware Features

  • Universal Driver for  TFT Displays.
  • Supports Displays up to WVGA (800X480) pixel resolution @ 16BPP color depth
  • Powerful 32-bit processor running at 80MHZ on board
  • Powerful graphic controller with 1024KB RAM on board
  • Powerful resistive touch screen on board
  • Dedicated I2C bus for driving external Capacitive Touch Screen controller.
  • 16Mbyte Flash memory for bitmaps, fonts and objects storage
  • Mono Audio output
  • 7-bit, 100K (128 levels) Digital Pot for software brightness control
  • CMOS (3.3V) RS232 and RS485/RS422 up to 115.2kb/sec serial interface
  • Micro SD card with up to 2GB capacity (FAT16).
  • 64Kbyte flash memory for user application.
  • 3 Independent Graphic Layers (PIP) with Alpha blending and transparency
  • 8 General purpose digital Input / Output
  • 8 Analog Input with 10-bit resolution
  • 2 PWM Output
  • Single Power supply operation (3.3V)
  • Small size 3”X 2”
  • Low Cost
  • ROHS Compliant

Software Features

  • Powerful set of GUI Objects, including: Form, Button, BarGraph, Chart, NumberBox, TextBox, PictureBox, Slider, Needle and Shape.
  • FREE Embedded GUI Design software (uiLAB).
  • Advanced Object Oriented Architecture enables low cost MCU as system host using simple serial interface.
  • True color or 16 bit per pixel (bpp) color depth.
  • Three independent graphic layers (Screen, Window1 and Window2) support.
  • Programmable Touch Events Interrupt (NotifyHost).
  • Up to 64 Screen/Window.
  • Up to 64 Object per screen/window.
  • Alpha blending and transparency support.
  • Window’s Bitmap support with rotation and mirror.
  • Anti-Aliased (2bpp) and normal (1bpp) fonts support.
  • GUI project can be programmed directly from the SD card.
  • Serial commands to program the GUI directly from the Host controller.
  • Object and Terminal serial commands.
  • Built-in Sound Generator.
  • User defined Audio Play Back files.
  • Resistive and Capacitive touch screen support.
  • Back light brightness control.
  • Simple UART (TTL RS232) serial interface.
  • No missing touch events!
  • Fast graphic rendering.
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