Embedded GUI Design Service

Take advantage of Haidar's proven expertise designing and manufacturing quality electronic assemblies and systems. Whether you need a turnkey design from specification to production, or quality assembly of your own design, Haidar has the know-how, equipment, and experience you can trust.
Whether you're stressed for time or need to free your team for other projects, we can give you instant-on help – as much or as little as you need. We provide a way to grow your team without adding to your overhead.



With decades of experience, Haidar engineers know which materials and designs give the best results on the line. We will help guide your concept through trade-offs between performance, cost, manufacturability and time to market. From low technology widgets to complex systems, Haidar has designed a broad range of customer products that are performing in the field every day. We can:
  • Electronic Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Software Design
  • PCB Assembly
  • System Integration
  • Compliance and Certifications

With you for the long-term

Our experts will be available when you are ready to migrate to the next generation of your product. We believe that guaranteed on-going support is critical, which is one reason several of our customers have chosen to work with us on a continuous basis for many years.

Hardware/Software Capabilities

- Microchip microcontrollers (PIC32, PIC24, PIC18 and dsPIC)
- Digital and Analog design (ADC, DAC, AMP, Filters ...)
- Video and Analog RGB
- Motor and Motion control (Brush, Brushless and Stepper motors)
- Linear and Switching power supply
- Power and Battery Management
- Sensors (Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Humidity ...)
- Digital Signal Processing (Digital Filters, PID closed loop control ...)
- Serial Interface (RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI ...)
- Ethernet and WIFI
- USB FS/HS, 2.0 and OTG
- PCB Design, Layout and Initial Board development
- Assembly, C, C++ for embedded applications
- Visual Basic and .NET for PC applications

GUI and Graphic Design Services

Haidar Technology can help you to take your embedded color touch screen to the next level with user friendly menus and graphics. Whether you need to design the whole new GUI, or just to enhance the look of existing one, we can provide you professional, eye catching graphics and easy to use user interface.

Case Studies

Contour Light, LLC.  contracted Haidar Technology to develop and design their new non-invasive body contouring devices

Contour Light, a premier manufacturer of non-invasive red light body contouring devices, contracted Haidar Technology to develop and design a new family of red light body contouring devices which include a red light pads and a controller case. Haidar takes the project from start to finish and fully design all the electronics, GUI, boards and firmware. The user interface is done using Haidar's 5.7" VGA with touch screen module powered by SegeMax. The whole project was done in 8 weeks and contour light was able to take their idea to market in less than 12 weeks.

"I feel very fortunate to have found Haidar Technologies.  Using this company
to design our device has saved us countless hours and dollars in development
time and pre-production costs. Their advanced touch screen technology is
both economical and compact, allowing us to build a smaller footprint unit
while keeping cost of goods in control.  The ideas they have offered were
extremely insightful and improved our existing design in many respects.  I
plan to use Haidar Technologies for my next product and would recommend them to any company seeking a design/engineering firm... except my competition!"

Doug Dreier, CEO, Contour Light, LLC.

Incisive, Inc.  turns to  Haidar Technology for their new dental laser devices

Incisive, a premier manufacturer of medical laser devices, choses Haidar Technology Embedded GUI Controller board for their new dental laser diode with 5.7" VGA Color Touch surface. Haidar provides Incisive engineers with all the assistance they need to add the user interface to their devices. They were able to put the new product in the market in a very short time and hundreds are already sold to customers all over the world. 

"It was a pleasure to work with Haidar Technology when upgrading the user interface on a medical laser. Using SegeMax and a simple interface board allowed us to replace a pushbutton and LED control panel with a high quality VGA touchscreen, without changing other hardware in the instrument. The development went quickly, Haidar’s support was excellent. Production cost of this solution was lowest of all other options evaluated, while users have commented that the new interface appears very expensive"
Rick Thompson, V.P. Operations, Incisive, Inc.

MC Power Systems contracted Haidar Technology to develop a color user interface for their new plasma power supplies

MC Power Systems, a premier manufacturer of plasma power supplies, contracted Haidar Technology to develop and prototype a 3.5" TFT color user interface for their new line of mid-frequency plasma power supplies "Iroquois series". We work closely with Dr. Patrick Marcus, VP engineering, to build a prototype board based on Microchip PIC32 microcontroller with an interface to at least two 3.5" QVGA TFT LCDs from two different manufacturers. The user interface is built using the free GUI library from microchip. The prototype board was a great success and entered the production after few modifications.

"When developing high end plasma power supplies it is difficult to find the time and resources to research and develop the user interface. Often the user interface is a project equal in complexity and scope to the underlying power electronics and analog control being designed. Having Haidar Technology as a trusted engineering resource expanded our ability to design a custom user interface far beyond what we would have undertaken on our own.  This enabled us to add a touch of class and high end user experience to our products.  Haidar Technologies has show a high degree of competence in selection and development of a completely custom color LCD hardware solution ranging from the LCD glass and controller selection, to the microprocessor backend, hardware interface, and board layout at a cost much lower than what we could have done it for in house.  I hope to work with their company in future product development."
Dr. Patrick Marcus, VP Engineering, MC Power Systems, LLC.