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Whether you need help selecting the right product, or need help using a product you already own, our support team is ready to assist at no cost to you!
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Some Of Our Customers


What our customers say about us

“Working with Haidar Technology was one of the high points in the development of our kiosk. We considered a broad range of alternatives to a high end user interface, and none matched the simplicity of use, product scalability, and good fashioned design and support. Not only was the development process simplified, everything in relation to our interface between man and machine has been greatly improved. Kudos to a job well done. I look forward to designing things if for nothing more than working with them.”
Dave Sandler, President and CTO, Mesa Technologies, Inc.

"Many thanks to Haidar Technology for its technical advice and
easy to use
products. Qualifying graphic displays for intensive
GUI applications can be expensive and time consuming. Working
 with Haidar has made the job easier."
Will Whelan, Design Engineer, Medica Corporation

"When developing high end plasma power supplies it is difficult to find the time and resources to research and develop the user interface. Often the user interface is a project equal in complexity and scope to the underlying power electronics and analog control being designed. Having Haidar Technology as a trusted engineering resource expanded our ability to design a custom user interface far beyond what we would have undertaken on our own.  This enabled us to add a touch of class and high end user experience to our products.  Haidar Technologies has show a high degree of competence in selection and development of a completely custom color LCD hardware solution ranging from the LCD glass and controller selection, to the microprocessor backend, hardware interface, and board layout at a cost much lower than what we could have done it for in house.  I hope to work with their company in future product development."
Dr. Patrick Marcus, VP Engineering, MC Power Systems, LLC.