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Embedded GUI
Haidar Technology Embedded GUI Solutions enable manufacturers and product designers to easily achieve smart and graphic-rich user interface on a new or existing microcontroller based products. The core technology which includes Haidar's Serial-Enabled Graphic Engine (SEGE) runs the entire GUI application including managing the touch screen events. The entire GUI objects including fonts, bitmaps and audio are saved to SEGE flash memory. A Free window's based embedded GUI design software (uiLAB) is used to design the embedded GUI on a screen/window basis, compile, Program and you have the GUI in place!

Haidar's Embedded GUI Solutions are perfect for the embedded market such as industrial, medical, automation, test & measurement and consumer products.

Embedded Control
Haidar designs and manufacturers a wide range of powerful C programmable embedded controllers. Specifically designed for OEM use, Haidar single-board embedded controllers are ideal solution for industrial automation applications. Combined with our firmware support and libraries, Haidar boards will make your next embedded design better, quicker and easier.
Haidar embedded controller boards are based on Microchip 32-bit microcontroller and DSP. Haidar controller boards offer a wide range of hardware feature commonly used in embedded control such as: Ethernet, USB, RS232/RS455, SD card, RTC, Touch interfcae, ADC, DAC, DIO and many more. 

ModBus Modules
Haidar offer complete stand-alone data acquisition modules which are broadly used in IoT or other industrial applications, such as facility monitoring, environment monitoring, and industrial process control. Haidar distributed remote monitor and control IO modules are categorized into two families, Ethernet IO (RMC-xxxx-E series) and Full-Duplex RS-485 IO (RMC-xxxx-S series), which are subdivided into Analog IO and Digital IO modules. All of them support Modbus RTU communication protocol.