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Bigger Space .... Bigger Ideas!
Effective May 8, 2015, our Dublin main office will be relocated to Hilliard, OH.
The new location provide Haidar Technology with the additional space to better meet the needs of our customers.

Haidar Technology is growing and we thank our customers for the business you entrust to us.   

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 The Next Generation Of Intelligent Embedded GUI

Haidar Technology Embedded GUI Solutions enable manufacturers and product designers to easily achieve smart and graphic-rich user interface on a new or existing microcontroller based products. The core technology which includes Haidar's Serial-Enabled Graphic Engine (SEGE) runs the entire GUI application including managing the touch screen events. The entire GUI objects including fonts, bitmaps and audio are saved to SEGE flash memory. A Free window's based embedded GUI design software (uiLAB) is used to design the embedded GUI on a screen/window basis, compile, Program and you have the GUI in place!
Haidar's Embedded GUI Solutions are perfect for the embedded market such as industrial, medical, automation, test & measurement and consumer products.

>> Download Our Embedded GUI Brochure (PDF)

Why use Haidar's GUI Embedded solutions

Haidar's Embedded GUI solutions help partition the GUI development from the rest of the application. It is well known that as GUI project grow, GUI processes burden the host controller by as much of 60% or more. Thus, the developer is forced to use more powerful and costly processor to run the application and the GUI. By partitioning the GUI, the developer still able to use a smaller and less expensive host processor (8-bit) to run the application.

Two simple steps to fully design your Embedded GUI:

STEP1Design your GUI screens visually using Haidar's Visual GUI Builder "uiLab", compile and program the GUI Controller.

STEP2Your microcontroller (Host) sends serial commands to control, update and response to the user interface.

                        Embedded GUI Solutions 

Why Haidar Technology?

There are a number of products on the market that offer graphics primitives over a serial port. This is an acceptable choice for text and non-interactive graphics, but a very poor choice for an Embedded GUI. A GUI requires much more than just the ability to draw geometric shapes and text! Displayed objects must accommodate behaviors linked to the real-time user interface. This will put much of the GUI software complexity on the side of the host processor, which greatly increases the serial interface bandwidth between the two processors.

  • You are protected from the vagaries of the LCD manufacturing business. We have strong relationships with many different LCD suppliers and we source our LCDs from well known and established manufacturers.
  • Our products cover wide range of color TFT displays.
  • All of our products are made here in USA, which means shorter, consistent lead time.
  • Excellent technical support. If you have a question, call or email us, we will do our best to answer your question right away.
  • If your product requires something that can not be handled by our standard products, give us a call. Some of our products are initially designed for specific customer requirements. Please, see our Design Services for more information.